PhotoCircle is about shared group photo albums (called "Circles") with friends. You can create your own Circles and invite friends. You can Join Circles created by your friends and family.
To Create a Circle, tap the + button on the main screen and then tap Create Circle and give your Circle a Name. On the next screen, invite your friends by tapping the Invite button at the top. Tap the Add Photos & Videos button to add your media to the Circle.
To join a friend's Circle, have them send you a Join Link by tapping the Invite button from inside one of their Circles.
Business Platform Customers
PhotoCircle for Business users should review the FAQ section for the "Business Platform", which covers the additional features and functionality provided to you. In addition, when there is more functionality provided, you will see an additional section in the FAQ article.
Photo Library Permissions/Access (iOS only)
When adding photos & videos from the media picker, be sure to allow full access to your photo library. Otherwise, the media picker will only have access to a subset of your photo library, requiring a two-step selection process of allowing visibility to the photos, followed by actually adding the photos to your circles.